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What is RoastorToast?

RoastorToast is a community where our team of experienced, and successful, entrepreneurs will provide you and your team valuable, actionable feedback to help you make the best product you can.

Only our Roasters will be reviewing your product and providing feedback.

Who do you think you are?

Ok so maybe this question isn't asked all that often, but people think it.

I'm Daniel France, the founder of RoastorToast. I had the idea to build this app/site/board (whatever you want to call it) when I was building an app. I was running the gamut of listing my product on all sorts of sites and directories with very little return. Then I submitted to different "roast my landing page" forums or Slack groups. I got a lot of feedback but it was all over the place. Feedback was often contradicting, and sometimes just outright terrible. I quickly saw that this was happening to all of us.

I decided that I would reach out to my network and build a team of successful people to actually help entrepreneurs, not send them down a rabbit hole. Roast or Toast is here to help you build the best product you can build.

And just saw you know a little about me:

  • I've worked on presidential campaigns
  • I'm a Co-Founder of FilmFreeway, the largest film submission service in the world
  • I'm a Co-Founder
  • I'm a patent holder
  • I've built products for startups, celebrities, household brands, and even the US Air Force
  • I think that if I can remove a spreadsheet from existence then I've accomplished something
  • I have 2 French bulldogs that fart terribly
Are you going to be mean?

No! Our goal is not, and will never be, to be mean. We may say some things you don't agree with but our goal is to help you build the best product possible. Sometimes feedback is tough to take, but we assure you that it comes from a place of building you up, not tearing you down.

Does this cost anything?

No. Submitting your product to RoastorToast is completely free.

We have a lot of reviews to do so we give you the choice to purchase a speedy review but you're not obligated to buy anything!

Who are the Roasters?

Roasters are handpicked individuals from all walks of life that have tremendous experience in building successful companies. These individuals all have a personal lifetime value (LTV) of over $5M. We set this limit because we want you, the Entrepreneur, to know that the people who are giving you feedback have actually succeeded. They are some random person in a chat room giving you "advice" with no substance behind it. Each Roaster has 2 things:

1.) A track record of success. They've raised money, had a company acquired, acquired a company, built a company up from nothing to millions in sales, or all of the above.

2.) A desire to see you succeed. text

Purchasing a package gives me a better score, right?

Wrong. Wrong on so many levels. Wrong 3000. In fact, if you ask us this question, you automatically lose 50 points.

But seriously, purchasing a package does not increase your score at all. It only helps us get to reviewing your product faster.

But super-seriously, if you ask us to bump your score without addressing any of our feedback, expect to be roasted.

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