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Biz Screener

Biz Screener makes it easier for investors to buy startups. Like a stock screener for startup deals, Biz Screener gives investors a competitive edge when shopping for startups. Keeping up with new deals across multiple networks is tough. Sifting through the bad deals to find the good ones is even tougher. Biz Screener offers instant access to listings across Flippa, Shopify Exchange, and Empire Flippers, with more data sources coming supported soon, and provides simple health metrics so you can focus on the good deals and ignore the bad. Custom email subscriptions let you know the moment a startup deal is listed across all networks that matches your specific criteria, so we're working for you even when you're sleeping. Quickly favorite deals for analysis later. I created Biz Screener for myself while shopping startups and found it so useful I decided to open up the tool to the public and empower others to effectively find their next acquisition.

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Mirco Saas sales on the rise, but nothing small about BizScreener is a very simple, and focused application which is something I love. Recognizing and experiencing a problem and delivering a simple yet effective tool gets automatic points in my book, and BizScreener seems to be just that.

Over the last few years, SaaS products have become incredibly popular acquisition targets by a lot of savvy investors. This rise in SaaS has opened the door to allow for early acquisitions of SaaS products and Micro-SaaS products like BizScreener, and even RoastorToast. A quick Google search will show you that Micro-SaaS products are a 2021 trend to watch. Additionally, platforms like MicroAcquire, Flippa, Empire Flipper, and AcquireBase kicked the door down to allow for a new type of investor; One who focuses on smaller businesses.

What does this have to do with BizScreener? Well, BizScreener seems to make it easier to find potential acquisition targets for individuals. Why buy a product when you can just build one? Tons of reasons. Maybe you're not able to build a product, maybe you're looking for something specific and don't want to waste time in development, maybe you want an additional offering to your existing service. Whatever the reason is,

What we like:

  • Clean and simple UI. You'll hear this a lot from me. Simplicity is key. If your UI makes it difficult to figure out how to achieve a goal, then I'm out. Bizscreener
  • The simplicity of the product. BizScreener doesn't claim to do it all for you, rather it presents information to you in a simple and readable format so that you can cut down on your research time.
  • Custom alerts. As a paying customer, you'll be able to set custom email alerts when a product is listed that meets your criteria.

What we don't like:

  • The fact that Chris, the founder, calls custom alerts "Custom Subscriptions". It just doesn't make sense.
  • Lack of ability to filter by type of business. I may not be interested in a Shopify store or a landing page. BizScreener lacks the ability to filter listings by business type, like SaaS, or B2B. Maybe it's a limitation due to integrating with other data sources. Either way, this was a deal-breaker when I recommended BizScreener to a colleague.
  • I know I harp on keeping things simple, there feels to be something missing on Bizscreener. It provides a grade, some numbers, and a summary but when I want to do some due diligence I have to leave the site. I'm not sure this will bode well when it comes to keeping users engaged.

We think Bizscreener has legs. It's in the right industry at the right time, simplifies research without reinventing the wheel, and has a low enough price that most people won't bat an eye. With a few integrations, some better filtering, and a way to increase engagement, we think Bizscreener may see some success.

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