BugBug is an intuitive tool for end-to-end web app testing. Now you can improve the stability of your application by automating your regression tests. It allows you to save time, streamline your testing and reduce testing costs, all without any coding required!

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Roast or Toaster: jaden
I may just start using this now!

Testing is always a big subject when it comes to building software. Everyone always wants to know what kind of tests should I write? Unit tests, E2E tests, integration tests, etc...

It's clear the product is geared towards QA Engineers as their target audience based on their message on their website. I can see a big use case for QA Engineers to use this as I could see them managing their own sets of tests to validate repetitive regression processes when testing applications. At the end of the day there is no total replacement for actual human user testing especially on E2E side and this product provides a happy medium it seems like.

  • What we likeFrom landing on the home page the message was very clear to introduce the product.
  • 🎉 A+ on the simple design in the app interface. Kuddos to your UI guy. Maybe kindly share their info with us? 🙂
  • Sign up was very easy and there was a simple example project which I was happy to see.
  • What we don't likeHave to download a Chrome extension to run the tests which isn't horrible but always a little annoying to have to download extra stuff.

ConclusionOverall I loved this product and I'm excited to continue to use it! The product is early stage and I'm excited to see how it can mature over time. I would love to see more integrations in the future as far as integrating into Slack and other tools.

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