Clocr Digital Legacy & Emergency Planning

Clocr Digital Legacy & Emergency Planning

Death and emergencies often come unannounced. With everything from address books to medical records going digital, it helps to have all your digital records and critical information in one place in times of need. Clocr is an all-in-one platform to protect and organize your life and legacy. Clocr offers six key solutions every individual needs: 1. Emergency Vault (Patent-pending): Efficiently organize, manage, and share your information and documents with your emergency contacts. 2. Emergency Card (Patent-pending): Enable first responders or good samaritans access your emergency contacts during emergencies (works globally). 3. Estate-planning tools for online/social media accounts, crypto and nft assets 4. Pass on your family legacy, stories, and memories, in a time capsule. 5. Super secure digital vault for storing valuable information that is build on patent-pending security. 6. Free last will and medical directives (coming soon) In addition, Clocr also provides a digital executor service to help take care of a loved one's accounts in shutting them down after death.

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Roast or Toaster: PastramiDan
Death, Taxes, and who the hell clears my browser history?

If you've ever thought "what happens to my stuff when I die?" or "who can I trust to clear my browser history?" then Clocr is something you should check out.

Is Clocr a little morbid? Yes. Is it necessary? Absolutely If you've ever lost a loved one, you know that the days and weeks following are incredibly difficult. Almost immediately you and your family are left to organize an incredible amount of tasks along with grieving. Very few of us want to think about the "what if?" moments but having a plan is an incredibly selfless act and will help everyone around you.

With that said, Clocr seems to be a really solid application that could solve a lot of those problems for your loved ones when we inevitably pass. I also think there are a lot of additional features that Clocr could implement that will empower you and your loved ones.

What we like:

  • Clocr is really easy to use. Like stupid easy. In reality, it's just a bunch of forms but it breaks it down into a (mostly) clear fashion and helps you organize a life of stuff.
  • I like that they offer an Emergency Card. If you're ever incapacitated during a car accident, for example, EMTs will rifle through your wallet and phone to find insurance information (Yes I'm American. Yes I know our health care system is complete garbage.) and Emergency Contact information. It would be really great if not only they offered a physical card but also a digital one for your phone's wallet.
  • I like that their Vault and Digital Estate offer unobtrusive prompts. For example, when adding an asset (mainly account information) you can select an "Account Wizard" that shows a list of different accounts broken down by categories. It was a simple way of reminding you that you likely have far more accounts and things than you think. Specifically, I didn't think about adding my travel accounts to Clocr until I saw the category for it. I have a lot of points and I believe those are transferrable.

What we don't like -- Honestly there is very little I don't like about Clocr.

  • The design is a little dated but it's clean and simple. And like the initial target demographic is 45 and older so it makes sense.
  • When using the Account Wizard in the Digital Estate section, it would be nice if the search box filtered all the categories, not just the selected one. How would I know that ADP is in the "Work" category and not the "Financial" category?
  • When adding an asset to my Digital Estate, I think you could easily allow the user to assign a nominee during the same step. The feature kind of got lost in the Actions dropdown.
  • The name.... what the hell is Clocr? What does it mean? How do I pronounce it??

All in all, I really like Clocr (besides the name 🙂 ) and I think it's a needed product. I'm not entirely familiar with the competition however I suspect Clocr is geared towards a younger, more digitally savvy individual rather than the Baby Boomers.

Clocr gets a score of 92%

  • Originality: 8
  • Product Market Fit: 9
  • Message Clarity: 10
  • Total Addressable Market: 10
  • UI: 8
  • Ease of Use: 10
  • Execution: 10

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