CopDeck is your replacement of clunky spreadsheets as a sneaker reseller. Reselling can be a lucrative business but it comes with many repetitive tasks that require a lot of manual work. CopDeck helps you manage your reselling life by automating these so you can focus on the important things. CopDeck lets you: - monitor and compare prices across multiple stores - see your total payout as a seller or total checkout price as a buyer at a glance - keep track of your inventory seamlessly - share your sneakers with just a few clicks

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CopDeck Sets the Bar for How All Product Betas and App Releases Should be Done.

CopDeck is a brilliant concept app for shoe flippers and solves a need in a wild niche market. I've met a few folks in the collector shoe buying and flip game and there isn't a lot of tools or apps available. Immediately, I was impressed by how informative the website is about the app and honestly shocked at the amount of information, screenshots and video for an app that hasn't even released yet. CopDeck even has a demo app you can download and run on your desktop for Mac or Windows to test the app while they continue to take signups for the beta. This is perhaps, one of the best app beta launches I've seen for an app that hasn't even released yet. The clear screenshots of the product, showcase of the app functionality, video walkthrough of the app, and even a fully interactive desktop demo prototype app for the user to test takes this this product site to the next level. They even have a discord channel for those interested in the app to join and participate in live discussions with others on the beta wait list and the app developers / founders. This is product beta execution at it's finest and should be an example for all SaaS / App product launches. 10/10!

Based on the plethora of screenshots and product concept walk throughs, the app seems to check all the boxes in terms of app functionality and purpose. Since the app hasn't launched yet, I only had access to the demo app and the screenshots, but overall, this seems like a very well-thought out app for sneakerheads who are in the game of collecting or flipping shoes. There are a few design and UI choices I probably would have done differently if I really wanted to nitpick, but otherwise it has everything you would want in a streamlined app without crossing the line into becoming some sort of complex inventory management / triage type platform. That would be way overboard. This seems to sit right at that fine balance of providing lots of needed functionality, yet remaining a simple and lightweight mobile solution for sneakerheads.

What We Like

  • The Demo App - What an incredible way to get users to test before the beta launch.
  • The Product Market Fit - This is such a perfect app fit for the market it's targeting.
  • Product Site - A textbook, near perfect execution of a beta launch for an app. Great screenshots, videos, and information.
  • App Experience - Even though the app hasn't launched yet, We like what we see. The app seems simple and intuitive to use. There's a few UI nitpicks, but that's something maybe not worth talking about until the app actually launches.

What We Don't Like

  • Total Addressable Market / Monetization - This is our main concern. I think the app will be successful with the users that this app is targeting. It's going to require some great marketing to keep the cost of acquisition down, but it's such a specific and niche market that it should be relatively easy. However, we're just not sure if the total addressable market is big enough to make this a great "side hustle" app with great income for a person or two or an app that could generate serious revenue that could support a high growth company. The only other app I can think of that is roughly in the same vein is KickSync and similar sort of marketplace triage and automation tools. From my limited experience and insight into these types of apps, these make great sources of income for small or single founder - developers, but don't typically generate revenue to sustain a growing company that is trying to scale.

In conclusion, we really like the potential for this app. I personally can't wait for the beta to launch and revisit this app. The way they're launching is an example of a near perfect execution of a product launch page with the website, screenshots, demo app, community building via Discord and social media. This is definitely one to watch. There's a lot of directions the app can go, from a micro-SaaS exit or acquisition or getting sponsors and partners to grow and generate referral / commission based revenue. Looking forward to seeing how CopDeck grows and monetizes.

CopDeck gets a score of 91%

  • Originality: 9
  • Product Market Fit: 10
  • Message Clarity: 10
  • Total Addressable Market: 8
  • UI: 8
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Execution: 10

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