An assistant, built on top of the World's most advanced AI language model, that helps to write engaging job descriptions that attract your ideal candidates

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Helpful as hell, but has a lot of room for improvement

Drafted.sh is trying to make writing a job description a lot easier. If you've never written a job description, then you're lucky.

Despite knowing exactly what you want from a new team member, writing it down becomes a headache. You want to make sure your post jumps out at qualified and talented applicants. You want to show that you're a cool team member, that your company is doing cool shit, and that you're a good place to work. When I've written job descriptions, I usually write down what we need for the team and then check out companies I admire and see how they attract new talent. When I post a job listing, I generally post 2-3 different variations of it as well depending on what service I'm using.

Suffice it to say, it's a lot of work trying to find the right person for the job. Drafted is hoping to make this process a bit easier...but there are some ways they can improve to make it truly easier to create an attractive job description.

What we like:

  • It's well designed, attractive, and easy to use. Drafted did a great job in creating a simple and visually appealing application. I also really like their landing page.
  • You can create multiple company profiles and job descriptions based on those profiles
  • The "Sections" feature. When you're creating the job description, you can select some common sections found in job descriptions. From here you can write some basic information and let Drafted give you suggestions to fill that section in.
  • You can easily export the job description to pdf

What we don't like:

  • When you export the job description, it has no company profile information. This doesn't really help me. When I create a company profile, I should be able to add a logo at the very least and that should be transferred to the pdf.
  • There's no section for compensation. Transparency within compensation is becoming a priority among job seekers. knowing if pursuing a role is even worth it is important to the job seeker, so it should be important to the job poster.
  • There are unfortunately a lot of errors and bugs within the app. Drafted seems to be in its early stage so it's expected...but that leads us to our next point
  • The price tag is high. For $79/mo I would expect an app to be far more polished and have far more features. Drafted does help you write a job description but that's all it does. Normally I love when an app focuses on one solution but in this case, it seems steep. Not only do I have to write the job description, then I have to pay another software to post it in a ton of places.

I like Drafted; it's unique and solves a problem that a lot of people can empathize with, however, I think the pricing strategy may cause some problems. In my opinion, they could justify their price tag by adding features that help you post the job to different boards or move towards more of a credit-based system. The system would allow a user to purchase credits and spend those credits on creating new job descriptions.

In it's first pass, Drafted receives a score of 70%:

  • Originality: 8
  • Product Market Fit: 5
  • Message Clarity: 8
  • Total Addressable Market: 6
  • UI: 9
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Execution: 5

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