Getvouch lets you list down the top talent you know, which could be your friend or someone you have worked with. As a bounty for your referral, we reward you $1000 for each referral that converts to a hire. It's arguably the easiest and most gratifying way to earn $1000 on the internet. We personally help these vetted talents discover better opportunities from top startups across the world.

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Getting paid is super cool....but at what cost

GetVouch has a LOT of promise. They have a lot going for them despite how simple and focused the application is (that's a good thing). With that said, there is some room for improvement but we have high hopes for this space.

From a user perspective, GetVouch does 1 thing; helps you get paid for referring top talent. Personally, I love this idea. I have some incredibly talented folks within my network and to be able to receive $1000 for "helping" them get a job sounds amazing. You can sign up in seconds and quickly add up to 6 contacts via LinkedIn that you vouch for. From there, the process starts to lose transparency which is when we get a bit skeptical.

What we like:

  • The design is clean, simple, and refreshing.
  • The simplicity in general. GetVouch focuses on doing 1 thing and they do it well.
  • The workflow. You enter your email and that's it. They send you a magic link and it directs you to your dashboard where you're giving some simple instructions regarding how to vouch for friends.

What we don't like:

  • Lack of transparency: there are a couple of issues here mainly revolving around data and privacy. My concern isn't in regard to a potential hack so much as I'm concerned about my friends being inundated with calls and emails from organizations that don't fit. As a dev who has run his own company for 10 years, I still get calls and emails from recruiters (down to weekly now). It can be very annoying, and distracting. So is that what I'm signing my associates up for?
  • Lack of transparency...continued: Who are these "top startups from across the world"? I don't feel very confident about recommending my connections when I don't know who I'm recommending them to.
  • What happens after I vouch for someone? Do they also have to opt-in? This process isn't very clear and caused me to abandon the vouching process. I'm sure I'm not the only one who aggressively protects their connections and at this point with GetVouch, I don't feel like their contact info is well maintained.

Our Advice:

  • If you have some case studies or prior successes, you should post them and include the company where the person was placed. At your core, we understand that you're basically a recruiting company so keeping your listings close to your chest is part of the game. However, you should highlight your past successes to increase confidence. If you don't have any prior successes then I'm concerned why this was the product you built. Sorry.
  • Create a double opt-in feature if you don't have it already. If someone vouches for me, and I don't get any say in it, I'm going to be PISSED. That just means more emails/phone calls from people I already don't want to talk to.
  • Figure out a way to protect the people being vouched for. They are your main customers. If you have a process internally where companies have to use your platform to view any candidates, then talk about that. Show people that you protect their privacy.

In summary, GetVouch has a ton of promise. We just think that having more transparency will help them succeed.

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