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Want to better prepare for the dreaded technical interview? We'd like to help. We provide problems, tutorials, and online virtual meetings to help you practice and collaborate in real time. We offer up-to-date versions of 13 major open source languages, a targeted variety of problems that you might see on an actual interview, and integration with Jupyter notebooks, where you can read and interact with entire online books.

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Gammified Programming

This review is from an Engineering perspective

The product is not unique as there are several other competitors in this space. I have used several myself for interviewing candidates and even just personal practice. Now that isn't always a bad thing. In fact, I like to say that competitors are always a great sign of market validation. Goto Code should consider cultivating relationships with boot camps, universities, and organizations as crucial to building this product. It's going to come down to who can provide the best service, capabilities, and value to the prospective organization.

Some of the competitors I have used and are familiar with are:

What we like

  • Gamification is really fun and a great way to promote engagement from users.
  • Leaderboards are really cool.
  • I like being able to start a new challenge and invite my friends, co-workers, etc...
  • The IDE interface works well. Good autocomplete.
  • Multi-language support is a must and I'm glad that is included.

What we don't like

  • The design could use some ❤️. The app seems to have a better appearance than the brochure website. This is the opposite of what I would recommend for early products. Users should have the best first look possible. Sorry but not a fan of the logo. It looks old and outdated.
  • Rotating banners are a thing of the past. Do away with it.
  • There was no welcome email besides my email confirmation. I would recommend sending a welcome email including tips to engage with the product. Then ideally new users should start a welcome email drip.
  • Perhaps allow a free plan once the trial has expired but limit the challenges and functionality users have access to. This allows for a continued upsell while keeping the users engaged.

In conclusion, I would encourage Goto code to take measures to separate themselves a little bit from the competition. It could be focusing more on a nitch such as being the interview practice platform for boot camps or targeting specific organizations. The only way I would choose to use this platform is if they were selling to me directly and were some key benefits that our organization could use that others did not have. If I were to pick from the ones out there versus this one based on my research this would not be it.

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