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Hatrio Domains lets you find high-quality, brandable and memorable domain names at affordable rates. These are the same quality domains that other marketplaces are selling for $1700+ As an entrepreneur myself, I struggled with one of the first stages of building startups i.e. naming the startup. I also know that this is something we, startup founders and entrepreneurs, collectively face. So, I took inspiration from my pain and decided it solve it. I plan to keep the prices as low and the process as frictionless as possible. Lastly, I'll soon be featuring a 100% free and open-source logo collection on the site. It'll most likely help anyone starting out 👇

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A Side Hustle Not Worth the Effort?

Hatrio Domains is a e-commerce site selling "Brandable Domain Names for Startups and Entrepreneurs" for under $300. Most of the domains being between the $225 - $275 price ranges. here are a couple of decent 1 word and two word domains on website, but the selection overall is a bit limited. This may be due to a supply issue, and what my biggest issue is with this product.

I am by no means a domain name expert, so some of this maybe a bit off and based on just my observations over time. I know there has been a lot of changes to domain name registrars, the laws governing them, and how prices are set. In the "old days," domain names bought directly from registrars were all a set price set by the registrar. Otherwise, you'd buy a domain from the domain owner or from a broker who typically owned / squatted entire portfolios of domains names.

Things are a little bit different now, in that registrars are allowed to set prices based on the marketability / desirability of a domain name they have in their control. This means a 1 word domain bought direct from the registrar could cost thousands of dollars. The registrar being able to price set desirable domains in their control along with private market places, domain auctions, and brokerage sites makes having a steady supply of catch domain names at affordable rates an almost impossible and unscalable undertaking.

What we Like:

  • The site template is clean. It looks like a typical e-commerce template. I didn't take the time to see if it was a Shopify or Woo Commerce them, but it seems to be well executed and easily navigated.
  • The brand messaging seems to be clear.
  • The concept and mission seems to be noble and we like anything that gives the startup / entrepreneurial community access to more tools, products, and resources.

What we don't like:

  • Limited supply / inventory. Getting a constant fresh supply of domains to sell at affordable rates is going to be extremely difficult. It would require a lot of upfront cash to buy from private owners and would need to sell in mass quantities to keep prices low and keep the company profitable. Margins would be thin.
  • Lack of scaling potential. Seems more like a side hustle or hobby to make a few extra $$$.

In conclusion, I just don't think this is worth the effort for the return. Maybe great as a side hustle for someone who's already accumulated a portfolio of domains and just wants a market place to occasionally flip domains here and there. However, I don't think this product, as is, will really scale or produce revenue numbers that would make this anything other than just a side hustle for some extra cash. A serious amount of cash would be needed to broker and buy from private owners of domains and in order to keep prices "affordable," the margins would be razor thin and or a blended margins would needed to be used to offset lead losses on domains that had a higher cost of acquisition than others.

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