Landing Page Services as a SaaS

Landing Page Services as a SaaS

We make building high-converting landing pages easy and intuitive. Within minutes you can build a page that looks professional, has great SEO, looks good when shared on Facebook and Twitter, and has powerful analytics built in. Your page will convert prospects into leads and help you track converting those leads into clients. During our initial launch we are offering One Year Free for the first 50 sign-ups.  We want your feedback and testimonials!  Get the Promo Code from a landing page about our landing page SaaS so you can see how the process works:

Submitted By: alec
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Roast or Toaster: Cowboy LaCroix
A Landing Page Builder Experience that Travels Back in Time and Makes You Wonder if "Clippy" will Appear for the Ride...

Landing page builders have almost become the "To do" apps of the web world. There is no shortage of frameworks, CMS, hosted providers, SaaS solutions, and services companies that all provide some sort of solution for landing pages. Even a lot of web development shops have created an in-house solution using existing frameworks or building a custom builder in-house to rapidly deploy landing pages for customers. With something as ubiquitous as landing pages, it's important that the builder experience is absolute ace as there is almost no excuse for a sub-par user experience with all the competition and publicly available design systems and UI component libraries out there. It also needs to service a need or a use case. Often times, landing pages are used by marketers for lead gen / demand gen activities, SEO / digital marketing opportunities, or for test various hypothesis in regards to a product or prototype. This often requires analytics and insights built in and the ability to integrate with other analytics platforms and sales / marketing platforms like HubSpot or Salesforce.

There are plenty free or low cost landing page solutions out in the market. The barrier for entry is really low, in terms of being able to build and deploy landing pages. Anyone savvy enough to have the need for deploying landing pages and looking at insights from the page analytics will have the means and the minimal cost for entry to use a service like Wix or Squarespace, use Google Analytics, setup a free Hubspot account, use one of the other purposeful free landing page builder solutions like Lead Pages, ect. Because of all the low cost, low barrier to entry, high user experience options in the market, it's really hard for me to review this product and not absolutely slay this product... There's a lot of issues with this product and the execution of this doesn't improve upon anything others have done, at all. If anything, this takes it a step backwards in terms functionality, user experience, and visual design.

The Bad

  • The landing page template needs an actual web designer to design the template. The layout is rather flat and boring and looks very dated. The placeholder graphic elements used look like they were pulled from a Microsoft Clip Art library from the 90's...
  • The entire UI design looks like it was designed in PowerPoint with graphics pulled from Clip Art. The analytics dashboard, fonts used, visualizations, buttons, ect. all remind me of PowerPoint presentation and CD-Rom training manuals from the late 90's. I'm really surprised Comic Sans or Papyrus wasn't used as the font choices...
  • Analytics not really that useful. Would have been better if the product just made it really easy to integrate Google Analytics with a 1-click type of integration instead.

The Ugly

  • The page builder experience was atrocious. Form elements seemed to have randomly be thrown on the page and even looked like raw default form elements that were unstyled or barely styled.
  • Clunky UI and user flow in adding content and building out the landing page. The UI seemed broken. Going back in to "design the page" after it was built seemed to have better formatting. The page builder may have had bugs or wasn't fully loading or rendering correctly during my review and may be fixed by now.
  • I just can't get over how dated and bad this entire UI looks and feels. It's very obvious that someone with a background in user experience or web design experience was not involved with this at all. I still can't help but feel like this was all designed in PowerPoint and then exported somehow....
  • Jarring and negative end to end customer experience. Signed up at, but then receive what looks like a dubious spam mail from Programming Labs. Upon signing up, actual Landing Page builder website does not match the site I actually signed up from. The builder is actually on Programming Labs, not Extragood. Entire visual style of website on Programming Labs looks like it was designed in PowerPoint in the 90's and does not match the look and feel of the branding and experience first experienced on Extragood.

In conclusion, this product needs a lot of work. This isn't the 90's anymore. The expectations of customers have changed and users expect a minimum level of UI design with thoughtful and good experiences that provides frictionless user flows and great app experiences. I would urge the founder to really look at other page builder apps and the competition and draw a lot from those experiences and revisit the user experience of this product. Hiring or partnering a visual designer or web designer would yield a 9000% change for the better and return for the product, as a competent designer would be able to fix all the issues this app has.

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