Create stunning 3D mockups and animations for your app, all from your web browser. No signup or experience required.

Submitted By: derek
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A Powerful and Easy to Use 1 Trick Pony

MockRocket is an online app that allows you to quickly create product mockup showcasing your app screens on a variety of "fruit logo" devices. Think Artboard.Studio, except video and in full 3d with easily configurable angles, view rotations, and key frames. The interface is incredibly easy to use and you can have a fully rendered 3D product / app mockup on a device in minutes. The ease of manipulation of the positioning, angles, and settings for the video was truly surprising and fairly straight forward.

Currently, the app provides a limited set of "templates" to choose from. The templates are basically pre-configured render settings that define the type of device animation and camera movement for that particular render. Once a template is chosen, you can add / remove / change devices in the template, background, device color, camera blur / depth of field settings, device shadows, and lighting. The UI is remarkably responsive for a browser-based app.

What We Liked

  • Ease of user experience, Intuitive UI, and UI responsiveness
  • The potential for additional expansion for more custom template control settings and templates
  • The quality of renders and videos produced by the app
  • Price: Seems reasonable, as long as more templates are being developed and regularly added on.

What We Don't Like

  • Limited number of templates
  • Template animations can seem a bit hokey — like using default object animations in Powerpoint
  • Price: Doesn't seem scalable and may not be the right pricing model

In conclusion, MockRocket is a surprisingly polished web application with a very intuitive interface. I was able to export a full 3d rendered product mockup video in literally minutes. We do have some concerns with the pricing model of MockRocket being monthly subscription-based. On one hand, it serves as a great deal for folks who need to output a volume of product /app mockup videos. On the other hand, the market size of people needing to do this seems a bit small and and the lack of variety of templates will result in casual users signing up to export a video, only to immediately cancel the subscription afterwards. We would maybe test a pricing model similar to stock media providers (istockphoto / shutterstock) that charges set amount of credits based on the type of render and resolution of output exported from the app. This offers a far greater potential for revenue that is in-line and familiar with folks who buy stock photography and media. This is definitely one we will be keeping an eye out for, as the product develops further and more templates are added.

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