Recurring helps your company stakeholders track your recurring software expenses, usage, and efficiency without waiting for accounting reports. Our centralized dashboard helps you control and oversee your invoice data and team expenses, and gives you smart recommendations to optimize your monthly spending.

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Recurring is not another accounting platform

This review is from a Product/Business perspective.

We’ve all seen products that help you get your budget in order. They’ll help you understand your monthly spending (which frankly can be embarrassing…at least for me 😬 ) and give you an idea of where to cut back. Recurring aims to do this for your organization and empower you to decide whether to continue using that service, not just reminding you that you are now spending more money on Netflix, Hulu + sports, and Disney+ than you ever were with a standard cable package.

What we like:

  • The pricing is incredibly simple. It’s free for those organizations (freelancers cough cough read this review cough cough.) who spend less than $5,000 a month. $5k isn’t a small number. I think a lot of organizations could easily benefit from the services Recurring offers.
  • Being able to segment spending into teams AND categories. 
  • That Recurring will send cancellation requests on your behalf to the vendor! It seems they will also attempt to negotiate your bill down. Not sure how they do this but it’s likely part of their secret sauce and a HUGE value add to you as a user.
  • I Love that when you sign up, there is a demo account. You can play around with Recurring without providing them any significant details or financial information. 
  • Recurring will connect to Quickbooks, Xero, and Gmail. It will also allow you to manually send invoices to a custom provided email or manually upload them.

What we don't like:

  • Recurring connects to the services I mention above but it doesn't connect directly to your spending accounts or credit cards. This is probably in their roadmap already (I hope).
  • After creating my workspace, all of the demo tags/categories, etc are populated within my account. I think you could probably provide just 1 or 2 sample tags/teams/categories instead of the 10 that are used.  
  • I forwarded several emails to the provided email and my dashboard wasn’t updated. This could be because Recurring needs the emails to be in a certain format (or they are manually updating it on their end. Props if they are). I also uploaded a PDF and the app let me know that the system needed to process the invoice. So either Recurring is using some NLP or manually updating it. Cool in some ways, but I don't loooooove it, so that's why it's in this list. Devil's advocate though, I don't think there is a better solution at the moment. Edit: I checked back a few hours later and it looks like they've updated it. Kudos.

Recurring has a lot going for it, they provide some really great information in a visually appealing way. They’ve also got some really cool features like “Smart Recommendations” which I was, unfortunately, unable to take advantage of right now but I likely will. I also like that they aren’t attempting to become another accounting platform. I started thinking about how to take Recurring further but it dawned on me that Recurring doesn’t need to push data and information back to apps like Quickbooks for the CFO or CPA. It’s really just a visualization tool that allows decision-makers to know if and where they are bleeding capital on unused products. When it’s boiled down to that fact, Recurring really hits the mark.

You don’t use Recurring to replace accounting software, you use Recurring to empower your decision-makers to get information in an easily digestible format. If it’s time to pull the plug on a product, then Recurring gives you the data you need. As a bonus, they’ll even attempt to help you cancel. However, the downside is that Recurring is only as powerful as you allow it to be. That means you have to keep it up-to-date. Yes, it will connect to accounting software but that is never 100% accurate. If it were, then the job of a CPA would be 100x easier.  

Recurring gets a score of 76%

  • Originality: 6
  • Product Market Fit: 8
  • Message Clarity: 9
  • Total Addressable Market: 6
  • UI: 9
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Execution: 8

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