Your personal information is out there for anyone to Google. Why? There are companies called "data brokers" (also known "people search sites" i.e. Whitepages) that post your personal information for their profit. You can request to take your information down, but it's confusing and takes a lot of time. So we created a software that automatically removes your information and then monitors these sites to make sure your information stays off of internet.

Submitted By: Kyle Krzeski
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Personal data scrubbing with room to grow

This review is from a Product/Business Perspective.

Data. Such a tiny word for such a powerful, costly, and ubiquitous word. “How does Facebook make money? Data.”, “How do Ads work? Data”, “What are companies mining from me? Data”. But what data exactly? How do retargeting ads work? How does this even affect me?

Data is like oil. It’s basically worthless unless it’s refined. There is an insane amount of your data that lives across cookies, companies, and continents. It’s how you’re seeing ads for things that you only mentioned in passing (which is creepy AF). But it’s not just intent data that’s out there, it’s your home address, personal cell phone, and mother's maiden name….

Removing this information is tough. Really tough. 

Removaly is a data scrubbing service that aims to handle the heavy lifting for you. If you’ve ever tried to manually scrub your information from a third-party agency…then you’re gonna have a bad time. It will take weeks to get any movement and you’ll likely forget before you make any progress. At this time, I’ve run a free scan but haven’t purchased the sole package Removaly offers, however even if I did, I know that it takes weeks, if not months to make any headway on removing personal data from any of these brokers. 

What we like:

  • They show you what websites are listing your data. I like this because it empowers the user to go directly to the site and attempt to have their data removed…which makes me exhausted just thinking about it. It makes the price tag much easier to swallow
  • The scan itself is pretty quick and painless, although I address a concern below. 
  • Removaly allows you to add other individuals, like family members, to your scans without them needing to set up their own accounts.

What we don't like:

  • From a business standpoint, requiring the user to pay for a year is can seem like a good idea, however, I didn't feel like dropping $120 for a company that’s new to the game. When I run the numbers and think about how much time it would cost me then it becomes easier to justify but I doubt many first-time customers are willing to do that. So maybe Removaly could allow someone to pay for a year, 6 months, or 3 months. There could also be a slick way to show how much time you will be saving the customer. 
  • It feels sketchy giving so much personal information right away. This could be one of the biggest barriers for new users. I recommend a potential solution below, but it's likely a significant lift.

I’m a huge fan of keeping your product focused on 1 or 2 solutions, however, with Removaly, I think it could be tough. My thought is that Removaly is focused on removing your data from the web however you’re required to provide them the same data they attempt to remove. I’m not saying anything nefarious is afoot however it makes me scratch my head, which may prevent other users from signing up. There may be a route that Removaly can pursue which will show users they are trustworthy. 

It might be worth considering adding a feature to scrub your inbox from spammy or unnecessary emails; similar to uses your data to fuel their market research (read: sells your shit). Having an unsubscribe email feature could be a nice, and cheap, way to show that Removaly is worth engaging on a more costly, and personal basis.

Removaly gets a score of 72%

  • Originality: 6
  • Product Market Fit: 7
  • Message Clarity: 7
  • Total Addressable Market: 9
  • UI: 7
  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Execution: 7
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