Schedulr is a tool that makes it easy to schedule meetings with others without doing the calendar dance. Connect your calendars from Google, Outlook or iCloud and share your personalized Schedulr link with anyone to have them instantly book time with you based on your availability.

Submitted By: rickycharpentier
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Schedulr gets does the job well....but lacks originality

We all know that finding coordinating time slots with other human beings is a disaster. There's no need for me to state the countless times we've all gone back and forth via email or text trying to find a time for a meeting; COVID has made it that much more difficult considering the distributed nature of our teams now.

Schedulr is a really clean scheduling software that allows you to easily book your next meeting. The setup process was really easy and frankly, the team has executed really well. I don't mean to take away from their execution, but the biggest problem I have with Schedulr is that they haven't differentiated themselves from the competition at all.

What we like:

  • I honestly couldn't tell the difference between Schedulr and Calendly. They are INCREDIBLY similar and if Schedulr really was built by a single individual, then this person deserves serious kudos.
  • The pricing is extremely reasonable!
  • Schedulr allows team members access to all but their free plans. This is a really great feature as Calendly doesn't offer this until their Professional plan
  • Set up was incredibly easy. I seriously got it set up in about 3.5 minutes.
  • Zoom integration, setting availability, meeting buffers, and secondary calendars (paid feature) are all easy to set up

What we don't like:

  • I could not tell the difference between Schedulr and Calendly. This may seem like a good thing but if there is no clear differentiator then why would I use a startup when I can use a proven and established service?
  • When I mean there are few differences, I mean it. Even the pricing is the same. The main difference is in the number of event types you can have in Schedulr and the length of meetings you're allowed to allocate.

I think Schedulr is a really refined product. It definitely doesn't feel like a self-funded scheduling software. It has everything you need and a lot of the things you want.

So if I like it so much, why is the score low? It's because it's not original at all. However, I feel like this could potentially help. If Schedulr is basically a Calendly clone, then founders and small teams may feel better about supporting Schedulr than a big brand like Calendly. On the other hand, they may not want to gamble with their time.

Schedulr receives a score of 69%:

  • Originality: 3
  • Product Market Fit: 7
  • Message Clarity: 8
  • Total Addressable Market: 8
  • UI: 8
  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Execution: 8

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