ShlinkedIn is a functional, satirical social network where anyone can sign up with any alter ego and join in on the fun. Users can write posts, create fake ads, write fake news headlines, and accrue ShlinkPoints to spend in the marketplace (currently in development). Weekly awards are given out for various categories, like most post reactions, most successful/creative advertisements, and more. It's really just a space to have fun, and make light of the worst bits of social media and corporate culture.

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Our Roast or Toast
Roast or Toaster: PastramiDan
The future of social media

When I first saw Shlinked I thought "this must be a joke, right?" and I was right... but its execution is flawless.

Shlinked is polished and thoughtful. The sign-up process is incredibly easy, and even though it's an obvious knockoff of LinkedIn, it seems to deliver a better product. It's fun, friendly, and executed really well.

What we love:

  • Honestly...all of it.
  • The content generator: ShlinkedIn has a content generator built-in to each post. It's genius.
  • The marketplace: I don't have enough points to buy anything so follow me please because I desperately need to buy scalable AWS infrastructure for my dog...she's kinda of a big deal

What we don't like:

  • The Dinks (aka notifications) could live update.
  • The fact you're not following me:
  • I'm not sure how they are going to make money and keep the lights on.

We're not sure what the direction, goals, and future ShlinkedIn has planned, but we're here for it.

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