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Toolbox Post

Toolbox Post will help you send rich messages to your whole factory, trades or field services teams, with notifications via SMS. It's simple and straightforward both for you and them - no apps or installs required, and it works on any smartphone. * Your team gets the most important updates, even if they aren’t in the same place * See how effective your messages are with read receipts and analytics * No need for expensive in-person meetings for simple messages * Group your team into shifts or locations and send updates to just the folks who need it * No apps to install, all you and your team need is a smartphone

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A Simple Solution for a Growing Complex Industry Need

Toolbox Post is one of those SaaS products you look at and think "Who dafuq would pay for something like this?" and dismiss it as something not needed in the marketplace.

This is usually because you're...

  1. A developer and you probably think that this is something that could easily be hacked together with twilio and Zapier, or...
  2. Don't understand that many of our industrial sectors can't use high speed wireless connected devices or involve workers in environments where the use of mobile applications is just not very feasible.

Out of the box, Toolbox Post is very simple and straight forward. It's an online platform used to send single and group multi-media messages to people via SMS text messaging. The platform allows you to organize, sort, and group people into various group and the platform retains a history of messages sent to each person, if the messages were open or read, and provides analytics. The product is beautifully simple and intuitive to use. They aren't trying to reinvent the wheel here with trying to invent a new paradigm of messaging and sticks with some very tried and true (vanilla) UI patterns and app experience.

Toolbox Post provides a solution to a market that is typically driven by workflows and processes that have largely remained unchanged for the last few decades. Areas in heavy industrial, energy, and agriculture remains largely unchanged and very human labor intensive with processes that are still mostly pen and paper based. The companies who utilize services like Toolbox Post need solutions that are very simple without a lot of IT overhead and don't really care (or know) that similar solutions could be homebrewed with Twilio and a combination of other services.

What We Love

  • Simple and intuitive interface and bare bones functionality. It gives you just what you need to group people, send messages, and view message history and access messaging analytics.
  • Pricing calculator. They make it simple to figure out what level of pricing you may fall under.
  • Focused on being a solution for workforce communications, not sales and marketing.

What We Dont Like

  • The cost. This service gets expensive very quickly if you have a large workforce that needs to be messaged everyday. It can be a blocker for even large enterprise "would-be" customers.

In conclusion, I really like Toolbox Post a lot. I like how it's targeting industries that don't typically get a lot of attention in the SaaS space and the use of SMS still has lots of applications in rural, remote areas, and in environments where SMS communication is still the best method of communication. I do think that they are on a time crunch before other solution providers simply "bakes in" similar functionality into industry specific multi-function platforms that some of these companies are already using or will use as they grow and could easily ditch Toolbox Post, as a result. Especially considering how the cost for Toolbox Post becomes cost prohibitive at scale for a customer. Toolbox Post eventually will need to find a way to expand functionality or deliver additional products to their addressable market very quickly in order to survive.

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