BotPenguin chatbot for websites allows you to engage in an online conversation and automate your business processes with a free chatbot. At a glance, our Chatbot support is able to handle multiple customers. Lead generation for a website is largely dependent on bots based on artificial intelligence, such as the BotPenguin. There are a variety of tasks that chatbots can perform, including recording data, booking tickets, and much more.

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A Fully Featured and Affordable Chatbot Solution

If you're looking for an intuitive, easy to use, and affordable chatbot that works across multiple platforms (not just your website), look no further. If you're not sure you need a chatbot or don't even think you have the need for a chatbot, I'd urge you to sign up anyways and look at all the use cases they present on their website with ready-to-go bot templates will definitely spark a use case for your own website, integration, or business. BotPenguin was definitely a genuine surprise and delight to explore and use. BotPenguin can be used not for just your landing page or website, but also for custom creating chatbots for your Facebook, Telegram, Live, and Live Chat.

Creating custom chatbots is very easy. You can customize the name and personality of the chatbot and programming the logic is as easy as clicking and typing in certain phrases and keywords to look for and tying it to a response. If you're used to stepped workflow builders, then this will be easy for you. There's a surprisingly large amount of flexibility in terms of programming a very dynamic and interactive chatbot ai with the builder. To get a jumpstart, you can use a template that categorized by industry (Medical, Financial, Beautician, ect.) and it will launch the chatbot builder with some pre-defined settings and responses for you to edit and build upon. You can build chatbots for scheduling chatbots, lead generation, or customer support bots. BotPenguin makes it surprisingly simple to build and deploy a flexible chatbot at a price point that makes it almost a no brainer for those needing a simple chatbot solution.

What We Like

  • The chatbot builder interface is pretty straight forward and easy to use. It does a great job of offering some level of customizations without turning it into an overly complex app.
  • The price is very competitive compared to chatbot solutions out in the market. At this price-point, its hard to not use this as a solution if all you're needing is a simple solution not tied to a major marketing / sales enablement platform.
  • The addition of Facebook, Telegram, Live, and Live Chat as some of the options. This is definitely targeting growth type startups and customers.

What We Don't Like

  • Eventually, some users will grow up and will need a more integrated solution that ties chatbot interactions to Sales / Marketing Enablement platforms and/or customer success platforms. Customers needing a more enterprise solution to have triggered alerts and a 360° view of customers and lead gen may abandon the platform for other more integrated solutions.

In conclusion, we think BotPenguin is a great platform for startups and businesses that need chatbot solutions. The flexibility of the platform to build chatbots for just about any need other than just a generic online support / knowledge base directory bot makes this a beast at a price-point that is cheaper than the monthly costs for a Squarespace site. We're a little worried customer churn issues once their customers "grow up" to need more enterprise level integrations. Otherwise, this is a great chatbot solution for startups and businesses still in the "growth" and "SMB" category.

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